Shooting Star - Najmus Saqib

Author: Syed Athar Hussain S.H. Rizvi

Category:History - Reference, Laws - Fiqh, Lifestyle - Morals, Wisdom - Spirituality, Traditions - Hadith, Stories - Narrative, Imam Mahdi (as),


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Date: 2020-08-31

The present book is one more gem from the treasure trove of Twelver Shia writings, which leave alone English readers, was also inaccessible for those who can read Urdu, because it was originally written in Persian, when it was the main language of Muslims of non-Arab countries. After the downfall of Muslim rule in the Indian subcontinent, began the decline of Persian language in this highly populated region and majority of people lost touch with this sweet language of Iran. Although the topic is highly scholarly, but this book was mainly written for the masses, as they are most susceptible to the misleading propaganda. As will be clear from the author’s preface, even though having limited sources, the writer of this book was able to prove beyond any doubt that the belief in Imam Mahdi (a.s.) is not only a Twelver Shia belief, but it is entrenched even in the faith of Ahle Sunnat and some of their notable scholars have confessed that Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) was indeed survived by a son named Muhammad Ibne Hasan (a.s.) and that his whereabouts are presently unknown to all leading to the assumption that he is no more. However, the author of this book has proved that the absence of person from others does not prove that he is dead. Moreover, there are authentic reports of people in different milieus and times, who have sighted and even met him; and to support this contention, one hundred incidents are mentioned in this book. The first chapter deals with a brief account of the birth and some circumstances of Imam (a.s.) during the lifetime of his father (a.s.).

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