40 Question Answers on the Virtues and sufferings of Hazrate Zahra sa

Author: Ayatollah Seyed Mohd Sadegh Rohani

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Date: 2020-11-27

No book, no explanation nor any mind can ever explain or comprehend the luminous soul that was created from God’s glory and splendour, that is Hazrateh Seddigheh Tahereh Fatemah Zahra (sa). The composition of the earthly body of this unequalled infallible is not the same as ours and is not perishable. In fact, the external and materialistic aspect of this holy existence is from the freshness and beauty of heaven and its tallest trees and best fruit. Similarly, by the wisdom of God, the honourable soul of this great lady is full of divine secrets ad mysteries of which we have no understanding or knowledge other than the narrations showing her luminous qualities. One can never compare the respectable mother of the infallible Imams (as) or Hazrate Fatemeh Zahra (sa) to the other women in history even if they are learned scholars and hold a high spiritual status because even before her worldly existence God ordered his holy messenger who already be held an esteemed spiritual position to spend 40 days praying and gaining spiritual purification. Soon after, a beautiful, heavenly fruit was sent to him to eat so that the worldly body of Hazrate Fatemeh (sa) could be created. Even while developing in the womb, she would talk to her mother, and after birth she grew vastly in spirituality such that the Prophet would kiss her hand and call her (the mother of her father).

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