Khums - the Fund of Independence of Bait Al Mal

Author: Ayatuallah Nasir Makarim Shirazi

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Date: 2020-05-27

There are lots of Ahadith in main and famous texts of Shi’aa about Khums and the things which Khums applies on them, and the way of consumption and prorating and other rulings have been expressed, that it is impossible to mention all of them in this brief discussion. About eighty Ahadith in fifteen chapters in the issue of Khums have been collected from famous Shiite books in the famous book “Wasael AlShi’aa”. Chapter one is about the principle of necessity of Khums. Chapter two is about the necessity of Khums in spoils of war. Chapter three is about mines. Chapter four is about the Nisab (minimum level or amount) of mines which Khums applies on them. Chapter five and six are about the necessity of Khums in treasure. Chapter seven is about the necessity of Khums in things which gain from the sea by diving. Chapter eight is about the necessity of Khums in benefits of business, industries, agriculture and like them. And other chapters are about the way of prorating Khums, person who needs to give help from Khums and some other cases of necessity of Khums.

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