Divine Judgment - Hokm versus Human Judgment - Hokm

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Date: 2020-05-27

The subject matter we would like to discuss here is of dire importance and graveness. We would not be exaggerating if we said that it is one of the most important matters since it touches our daily lives and relates to the core of our actions. It also constitutes a major part of the tests and trials/fetna of Allah (SWT) to us in this life, the result of which determines God’s pleasure or anger upon us. Our guidance or misguidance thereby depends on that which further determines our salvations from this lives and whether we achieve a safe and victorious exit to our hereafter, God-willing! It is not a simple and easy matter at all as these tests and trials are difficult and the mischief is at a high degree. The self is pushing us towards evil and the devil will not leave us alone; our desires misguide us and the misguiders around us make the forbidden as permissible and they prohibit us from that which is permissible. They (self + devil + desires) will not leave us until they lead us to destruction. It is as if there is a sacred alliance which they swore not to allow us pass the test of this life. It would be erroneous for anybody to think that he is saved, and the moment he does so, he would be very close to failure without realizing it. We should never feel safe as long as we are in this life and it is only when we depart it that we may feel rest and joy if we indeed achieve salvation. Our subject of interest is about Allah’s judgment (Hokm) versus the human judgment and the difference between them. How does that affect our lives? And why should we pay attention to this sensitive and complex matter! We hope to be able to deliver our thoughts to you in the best and easiest manner and to clarify to you the graveness and the importance of this topic. Allah (SWT) is our helper and guider

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