Depression vs Contentment

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Date: 2020-11-27

We all experience unhappiness and bereavement at some point in life time. Our faith and belief in Almighty God’s will are usually enough to console and strengthen our sense of loss, grief or sadness. However as human beings we are prone to feelings of depression under serious and difficult circumstances. It has been said that depression affects up to 40% of people at some stage in their lives, and has been found to be more common in women than in men.Depression can seriously affect a person’s daily life. If you have grown tired of life, or wish to go someplace where you can be alone, or you are alwaysnervous, stressed, worthless, restless, sleepless and gloomy, you are probably suffering from depression. One could expect such a person to be suffering from this ‘illness’ who is incapable of fulfilling his needs or a time has come in his life that he feels totally helpless and defeated, either asa result of an unfortunate death, a missed opportunity, a financial loss, persistent feeling of depravity, or some other unexpected (class exam results) disappointing experience, long-term illness,unnecessary negative thinking. This can invariably contribute towards feelings of jealousy, fear,cowardice, pessimism and insecurity. A heightened form of this ‘illness’ could force the sufferer into committing suicide or even setting himself ablaze. It is a pity though that today this ‘illness’ has become rampant at every level of society and its disastrous effects result in the form of all sorts of hideous crimes depending upon the circumstances and history of the sufferer.

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