Arsh Throne of Allah

Author: Allama Muhammad Husain Tabatabai

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Date: 2020-08-31

There are various opinions about Arsh and the words “ He rose above the Throne”. Some commentators opine that these words are among the symbolisms used in the Qur’an and we should refrain from debating about them. These are the commentators who are against crossing limits in discussion on the manifest book and Sunnah and consider it a Bidat. But, the Qur’an and Sunnah enjoin people to ponder about them, to research upon their meanings and to understand them better. How can they ban such debates, and researches on such verses and proofs that are evident to the learned. We too will for the moment from discussing it. Others however, have debated over the meaning of Arsh. They say: • Arsh is that ninth stage of heavens, • that surrounds the entire material worlds, • and is called Atlas because there are no stars in it. • This is the heaven that creates and fixes the time through its movements, • and below it is the 8th layer of heavens, • which is the station of the fixed stars. • Below this 8th heaven are the other seven heavens, • each being the station of the stars like Saturn, Mercury etc.

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